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Welcome to my re-election campaign website. It's been a privilege to serve as your City Attorney and I hope I've earned your support for another term. We're off to a great start, tackling many of our City's toughest challenges with a neighborhood-focused, collaborative approach to solving problems. To take just a few examples, we've:

  • nearly tripled the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program, with a key member of my staff now working in each of L.A.'s twenty-one police divisions;
  • created a Community Justice Initiative, including our new justice reform program--Neighborhood Justice--and our Neighborhood School Safety Program, teaming up with parents to create safe passages to school, going after local polluters, keeping communities free of illegal weapons and educating parents on issues from tobacco enforcement to safe handgun storage;
  • formed a new Gun Violence Prevention Unit, creating new protocols to keep guns out of the hands of domestic violence perpetrators, prosecuting adults when children take guns to school and more. I'm also the co-founder and co-chair of the new national coalition, Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, the first-ever effort to bring together America's leading prosecutors to combat gun violence;
  • fought for transparency for DWP ratepayers and to hold accountable the company allegedly responsible for the flawed DWP billing system;
  • taken strong steps against patient dumping on Skid Row, protecting some of L.A.'s most vulnerable residents through legal action and helping hospitals improve their discharge procedures for homeless patients;
  • pursued environmental justice in communities throughout our city, suing an oil production facility for allegedly violating multiple environmental laws and establishing a task force targeting illegal dumping;
  • stood up for marriage equality in the United States Supreme Court in a key amicus brief for more than 200 mayors and dozens of jurisdictions across the nation;
  • played a leading role in achieving a historic resolution of the city's decades-long dispute with Owens Valley--through which L.A. ratepayers will save significant money and huge quantities of water;
  • and much more, with important new achievements practically every week.

Please help create this same momentum for my re-election campaign. Through this website you can contribute, offer to volunteer and generally keep up with what's happening in the campaign. I hope you'll join us!

Mike Feuer